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Preparing transcripts for publication

When formatting transcripts for online publication through the Clayoquot Lives archive, the team worked to be as consistent as possible. With multiple team members formatting at a time, however, achieving consistency is a challenging task.

If you are concerned about the way any material has been formatted, or have any questions regarding the formatting of audio and/or transcripts, please contact us: clayoquotlives@ed.ac.uk


We listened to each audio file and checked these against the transcripts, making any necessary changes and/or edits. 

In some cases, transcripts included verbal pauses, such as ‘um’ or ‘uh’, for example. Where these had already been transcribed, the team left them in. During the initial stages of formatting, the team added missing verbal pauses. 

After editing some initial transcripts to include missing fillers, however, the team decided it was not necessary to add missing verbal pauses when preparing transcripts for publication online.

Therefore, verbal pauses such as ‘um’ and ‘uh’ were not consistently transcribed across all transcripts. As a result, there may be some minor inconsistencies between the audio and the transcripts. 

Take, for example, this excerpt from Miriam Leigh (also shown below).

A note on the formatting of transcripts.pdf