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About Clayoquot Lives

Clayoquot Lives is a multiphased project that began in the 1990s, when I travelled to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and ultimately to the peace camp at Clayoquot Sound, where I was one of the hundreds arrested. Three years after the camp had ended, and as part of PhD research, I returned to British Columbia to conduct oral history interviews with activists connected with the Clayoquot Sound peace camp. This was the first phase of the research project.

In 2015, this research on activism at Clayoquot Sound as the book The Changing Nature of Eco/feminism: Telling Stories of Clayoquot Sound as well as in a series of papers, see here.

Clayoquot Lives is the next phase of this ongoing work and research. Launched on September 19th, 2016, Clayoquot Lives hosts transcripts and audio recordings from the original interviews conducted during the 1990s. Photographs and historical documents gathered at the time and since are included alongside the interviews, adding additional context.

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By drawing on the oral histories of women and men participating in the protests, as well as historical documents and photographs, this site shows how ecofeminism at the peace camp connects to the past and future, and ties to social, cultural, economic and political issues. Browse through our collection of oral histories to learn more. 

We hope Clayoquot Lives will be of use for those interested in activism, social movements, ecofeminism and oral histories. We welcome the use of the archive material and encourage academics, community groups and educators to use the archive in their research, work and teaching, as well as encouraging further contributions to the archive.