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The project team

Clayoquot Lives is an ongoing collaborative project with Dr Niamh Moore, Dr Nikki Dunne, Dr Mary Hanlon, Dr Martina Karels. The digital archive draws on original oral history interviews based on experiences related to the 1993 Clayoquot Sound Peace Camp, recorded by Dr Niamh Moore.

The team came together while working and learning at the University of Edinburgh and have continued to collaborate ever since. We have a forthcoming article on the feminist ethics of creating digital archives of qualitative research data and are excited to be working together on a book project on DIY Academic Archiving and an accompanying resource website, to share what we have learned while creating this digital archive.  

A bit more about us:

Niamh Moore is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. She has a background in interdisciplinary feminist research, encompassing ecofeminism, and work on archiving, both community archiving and archiving of academic data. She has published The Changing Nature of Eco/feminism: Telling Stories from Clayoquot Sound; co-authored The Archive Project and co-edited Participatory Research in more-than-Human Worlds.

Nikki Dunne is Research Officer with Family Carers Ireland. She is a sociologist working on the intersection of gender, family and care labour migration issues, centred on labour and migration in the framework of global capitalist economy. This has extended into an interest in distance relationships, exploring the ways in which feminised migration impacts on familial caregiving.

Martina Karels is an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh. Her research combines theories of social memory and performance to explore memory making and remembrance in everyday life, particularly in public spaces, art, archives and activism.

Mary Hanlon is a College Professor at Okanagan College. She has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh, with research themes including transnational social movements and related activism (online and offline), work & labour rights, environmental justice, global fashion and apparel production and consumption, digital sociology and knowledge dissemination.


Contact us: clayoquotlives@ed.ac.uk


We would like to thank those who have supported the project and offered advice and input along the way. In particular, we would like to thank Robin Rice, Karen GregoryLorraine McLoughlin, Stewart Walker, and Lisa Kalayji.

The website uses the open source Omeka software platform, created and made available by the Roy Rozenzwieg Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Funding for the project was provided by a Knowledge Exchange grant. Clayoquot Lives is hosted at The University of Edinburgh and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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