Clayoquot Peace Camp Photographs


Photographs of people, blockades, trucks and the camp at the 1993 Clayoquot Sound peace protests.




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Comox Valley residents blockade in the dark early morning, with the Process Server serving the court injunction from a Macmillan Bloedel truck.…

protesters waiting for the morning blockade, carrying placards: 'Stop'; 'This is a moral issue'; 'Save our forests save our jobs'. One woman is…

the entrance to the Clayoquot Sound Peace Camp, with information stalls and protesters and members of the public mingling around. Placards read:…

residents of Comox Valley at the Clayoquot Blockades. Holding signs: 'Comox Valley Expedition for Clayoquot Sound'; Beautiful British Columbia';…

Process server from the provincial court reading the court injunction to a group of protesters on a truck loaned by MacMillan Bloedel. Early morning.

MacMillan Bloedel Limited: Logo on side of red car/truck door.

Protesters waving to arrestees off to Ucluelet jail to be processed, in a 'Forest Tours Bus' loaned by Macmillan Bloedel to the court

Crowd of people holding protest signs stand behind row of flags from various countries, including: Australia; Japan; Scotland; the United States of…

Logging truck driving into the logging site, after the morning blockade, with protesters standing along the road

Logging truck, with people standing near by; Police car/truck in background (?); one person pictured drumming.

'moonscape' protest sign using the 'M' from MacMillan Bloedel logo, at the Clayoquot Sound Peace Camp

Logging truck, with people standing nearby; one woman holds up peace sign.

Logging truck going by, with protesters standing along the road

Logging truck going through to the logging site after the morning blockade, with protesters standing alongside the road, holding up peace signs

protesters standing beside the road into the logging site, including the Carmen Mirandas and two police officers

Cars and trucks lined up early in the morning to take protesters from the Clayoquot Peace Camp to the site of the blockades a few miles/kilometers…

protesters standing around after a morning blockade, with a police officer mingling

a logging truck drives through to the logging site, after protesters have been arrested

protesters before the morning blockade

Logging truck, with protesters standing alongside the road; protest sign 'stop' is visible.

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